Beeding & Bramber Village Hall

Beeding & Bramber Village Hall is a vibrant community space situated in the heart of the village of Upper Beeding and the adjacent village of Bramber in West Sussex. The Village Hall is self funded as we’re an independent charity that’s led and managed by our brilliant volunteers.

Who owns the Village Hall?

As a community, we all own our Village Hall. The Hall is not owned by the parish council or the district council. We’re an independent charity, created for and by our local community. We are governed by a Council of Management, who are in law the Charity Trustees. Our trustees consist of a mix of representative members from some of the organisations who regularly use the Hall and local, village attendees who are elected at the Annual General Meeting, (AGM) which is held yearly in April or May. All inhabitants from the two villages are entitled to attend and vote at the AGM.

History of the Village Hall

The Village Hall was the idea of Hatton Sutton of Bramber, Thomas Cross and George Hobbs of Upper Beeding. The Hall was built in 1930, some of the money was raised by the local villagers who held fundraising events and each child took money to school to help pay for the building of the Hall. The land was bought from Arthur Wood in 1927 for the sum of £150 and another piece of land was bought in 1929 for £70. The Hall and its land are held under a Trust Deed dated 29 June 1931 as a public charitable trust for the purposes of a village hall for the inhabitants of the Parishes of Upper Beeding, Bramber and the immediate vicinity. The holding trustee is the Official Custodian of the Charity Commission, this process was completed in September 1935.

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