Environmental policy

The climate crisis is an acute threat to our modern world, which is why environmental issues are a key consideration for everyone concerned with the Beeding & Bramber Village Hall. As a small, independent charity, we’re committed to sustainable development as a guiding principle across all of our work. Our aim is to reduce the impact on the environment from our operations and to ensure our planet’s future is an integral and fundamental part of projects we take on to improve the hall and people we choose to work with.

The committee are committed to protecting and actively promoting the improvement of the local environment. We’ll ensure that environmental priorities are integrated into the decisions we take on all our services and will seek to:


  • Our sole purpose is to support the local community in terms of offering a cost-effective and pleasant environment for people to meet, run events, offer childcare support for busy local families through the Play Group and support micro businesses with a space to run fitness classes for physical and mental wellbeing
  • Protect the health and well-being of all staff and visitors and improve and safeguard the quality of the Beeding & Bramber Village Hall

Awareness and commitment

  • promote awareness and responsibility of the principles and objectives of environment protection
  • support the Repair Café and Home Energy Helpdesk as offered by Greening Steyning, Bramber and Beeding on a monthly basis from our facility
  • ensure that the committee, trustees, volunteers and users are familiar with and implement this environmental commitment and its objectives
  • ensure that the Hall and activities associated with it, comply with relevant environmental regulations
  • everyone hiring the Hall will be expected to confirm that they are aware of this Policy and that their own activities and use of the Hall are in conformity with it

Natural environment

  • take appropriate opportunities to conserve and enhance the natural environment surrounding the Hall
  • be sensitive to the impact of activities on the local environment, such as traffic, noise and general disturbance
  • our green spaces are there for everyone to enjoy and benefit from


  • reduce production of material waste including unnecessary packaging and single use plastic
  • encourage re-use, repair and recycling of materials including organic waste
  • separate refuse and recycling material, and dispose of both in a safe and responsible way

Materials and resources

  • we’ll ensure that the potential environmental impact of any building projects will be assessed and minimised. This will include, where possible, methods of construction which make best use of resources; designs which result in low maintenance and high energy efficiency and the use of building materials from sustainable sources such as timber. We will encourage volunteers, hirers and staff to use and operate the building correctly to conserve energy and minimise waste
  • by-products, including cleaning materials which are made in accordance with the principle of using material in a sustainable way and use locally-made goods where practicable
  • take into account the lifetime costs of materials when repairing, altering or rebuilding premises
  • reduce use of paper while maximising that from sustainable sources and recycled material
  • where possible, offer electronic communication as an alternative to paper
  • adopt a sustainable procurement policy and encourage our suppliers to operate in an environmentally appropriate manner, reducing the environmental impact of their products and transport.
  • where possible, to purchase from local or regional suppliers, in order to maximise input to the local community, micro businesses and minimise carbon emissions from transport

Energy and water

  • make the most efficient use of energy – we’ll endeavour to use the minimum quantities of energy possible in accordance with the safe and efficient operation of its heating, lighting, plant and machinery
  • from time to time, review our energy sources, energy using appliances and energy efficiency with a view to causing the least environmental impact. We monitor consumption and eliminate excessive or unnecessary use
  • we will communicate to hirers and volunteers the means by which energy may be conserved, e.g. closing doors and turning down thermostats when not it use.
  • 2022 saw a project, in partnership with Greening Steyning, Bramber and Beeding and a grant from Horsham Council supporting the install energy-efficent lighting throughout the main spaces and the installation of solar panels
  • ensure energy is used efficiently and wherever possible reduce its use, for example keep outside doors closed in cold weather
  • seek to use ‘green’ energy suppliers or tariffs where it makes economic sense
  • use water efficiently and with care
  • avoid pollutants entering the drainage system


  • make every effort to reduce air pollution and energy consumption resulting from the use of vehicles by avoiding unnecessary travel and encouraging the use of energy efficient vehicles
  • encourage users of the Hall to travel on foot, by cycle or on public transport as much as possible
  • encourage the sharing of transport

Our future action plan

  • promote responsibility for the environment within our work;
  • reduce the use of energy, water and other resources;
  • minimise waste by reduction, re-use and recycling methods;
  • comply with all relevant environmental legislation/regulation;
  • encourage partners and hirers to commit to the sustainable development philosophy;
  • identify and attend appropriate training, and keep up-to-date with current thinking, advice and information for business
  • develop new ideas and initiatives

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