200 Club mini-lottery

The 200 Club is a mini-lottery organised by the team that run Beeding & Bramber Village Hall. The surplus money raised (50%) goes directly back into the Village Hall funds to help support and maintain it for our community and future generations. You pay a subscription of £1 per month for each number (more than one number is allowed) and get the chance to win cash-back every month.

Key contact

Jean Armour-Milne
T: 01273 493184
E: jean.a.milne@btinternet.com

Upper Beeding & Bramber 220 Club Lottery

How much will it cost?

The subscription is £1 per month for every number you wish to reserve in the Club. This is paid by cheque for 6 or 12 month periods. You can subscribe for as many numbers as you like. The more numbers you subscribe to, the higher are your chances of winning. Unfortunately, we cannot collect cash monthly.

Who can join?

The 200 Club is open to anyone aged 18 years or over. Help us by recruiting as many members as possible – feel free to share this page with any friends, family or colleagues.

How does the draw work?

When you have paid your subscription, your number (or numbers) will be reserved for you and you will be advised accordingly. Numbered tokens which have been subscribed to will be put into a bag and will be drawn at random by an independent witness. The draw will be made at the meetings of the Hall Management Committee and at one of the regular user meetings in the months when no Hall meeting is scheduled. Winners will be notified as soon as possible after the draw by telephone or email.

Prizes will be awarded as 30% 12.5% and 7.5% of the total receipts rounded down to the nearest pound. These percentages and the number of prizes may be varied in the event of significant under or over subscription.

The 200 Club is registered with Horsham District Council under the Gambling Act 2005, registered number B/09 and a promoter is appointed each year by Beeding & Bramber Village Hall Management Committee.

The 200 Club administrators reserve the right to close the club in the event of unsatisfactory initial take up or if the membership falls below an acceptable level. In the event of this happening all members will be notified and money returned for months un-drawn.

How to enter

To enter, please complete the form below. Or if you prefer, download this as a form, print it out and pop it in the post to Jean.

How would you like to pay?(Required)
By bank - Sort Code: 40-43-48 Account Number: 11210114. Please reference 200 club and your initials By cheque and cash - Jean Armour- Milne. Payable to: Beeding & Bramber Village Hall 13 Barn End, Henfield, BN5 9LD or to 14 Monks Walk, Upper Beeding BN44 3HR

Previous winners in 2021

1st prize – 20 Tom Kardos
2nd prize – 77 Ken Wilson- Wheeler
3rd prize – 55 Dave Wells

1st prize – 76 Trevor Bignell
2nd prize – 40 Val Booth
3rd prize – 18 Sue Albery

1st prize – 89 Jane Francis
2nd prize – 36 Rosemary Goodwin
3rd prize – 59 Jim Orman

1st prize – 4 Sue Plassing
2nd prize – 40 Val Booth
3rd prize – 120 Peter Plassing

1st prize – 1 26 Ian Ivatt
2nd prize –  87 Upper Beeding SMBC
3rd prize – 35 Val Worby

1st prize – 6 Beeding & Bamber Playgroup
2nd prize – 96 Jill Penner
3rd prize – 26 Joyce Shaw

1st prize – 25 Maggie Hall
2nd prize – 125 Ian Ivatt
3rd prize – 88 Kelvin Stuart

1st prize – 110 Janet Albright
2nd prize – 129 Daphne Mitchell- Logsdon
3rd prize –  114 Jane O’Neill

1st prize – 124 Mary Ivatt
2nd prize – 78 Ken Wilson-Wheeler
3rd prize – 35 Val Worby

1st prize – 28 Janet Albright
2nd prize – 23 Mrs B T Parrott
3rd prize – 33 Jane Evans

1st prize – 199 Jane Webber
2nd prize – 80 Carol Chamberlain
3rd prize – Sue Plassing

1st prize – 27 Jackie Maine
2nd prize – 29 Sue Albery
3rd prize – 106 Jean Webber

Previous year’s results available upon request.

Get in touch

01903 816790
07842 586184