Friends of the Hall

Ever thought about becoming a friend of the Village Hall? A lot of people think we’re owned by the council or the local parish, but we’re actually an independent charity that relies on donations and booking to keep us going. We tend to pull out the big guns and go for grants when we want to make great leaps – but we’ll always have ongoing running costs and repairs we need to make.

Why do you need support?

It costs about £1,300 per month to keep our Village Hall going. That’s before we can tackle any major projects – it’s quite a chunk of cash. Covering these essential costs might not sound overly exciting, but what a difference it would make knowing that ALL the hard-earned money we work so hard to raise, will go towards improving our Hall and help expand our community.

Please consider giving a regular donation, no matter how small, either by standing order or bank trasnfer. With enough generous donors, we’ll have the security of knowing that the Hall’s regular costs are covered and we can crack on with improvements to the fabric of the building and developing more low-cost, inclusive community groups and micro businesses.

£5.00 a month will help play for cleaning equipment to keep us sparkly clean
£8.00 per month will help pay for our water bill
£10.00 a month will help pay for our maintenance to keep us looking our best
£20.00 a month will help go towards a month’s worth of energy

What happens to my money?

100% if it goes into the pot for the Village Hall to keep it running today, tomorrow and for future generations. With the exception of our caretaker and booking clerk, everyone else associated with the Village Hall volunteers their time.


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