Children’s parties

Want to keep your own home in good order, but need loads of space for children to run around? Look no further, we’ve got it covered. With a standing capacity of 150 in the main hall you can invite the whole class and your extended family and still have oodles of space. If you’ve got an entertainer there’s also staging and a sound system.

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How to book

Take a look at our booking calender to check your dates and when you know what’s what – get in touch with our Booking Clerk Julie who’ll be happy to help with any questions you might have.

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Why book a village hall for a children’s party?

Parties in village halls feel kind of nostalgic, we probably all attended one or two when we were young. They make perfect venue’s for DIY children’s parties as they’re cost-effective and you can tailor everything to suit your child and their guests. It also makes it easier to accommodate and any food allergies or specialist requirements if you cater yourself. It’s a perfect venue and always special because it’s a blank canvas with very few creative restrictions – so you can make your party unique to your needs.

Children's birthday party ideas for a village hall

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How much does it cost to hire?

The main Hall can be hired from just £15 per hour for residents or £25 for non residents, or you can hire the whole complex for a day from – £430.00.

We are an independent charity, so by booking your party with us, you’re also directly helping contribute to the future of the hall and putting something back into the local community – this will ensure we’re here for future generations.

Full rates and costs

Children celebrating birthday party in a village hall - child dancing

Awesome village hall! We have used this many times for all of our kid's parties and can highly recommend.

Rose Local Mum of two

Children’s party venue facilities

You’re welcome to pop by and have a look at the Village Hall and explore if we’re the right place for your child’s birthday.

  • Capacity for up to 150 people (standing) in the Main Hall
  • x 3 light an airy spaces
  • Fully working kitchen with crockery, glasses, cutlery, hobs etc
  • Projector for any cool projectors / films you might want to show
  • Super fast internet
  • Toasty central heating
  • Wheelchair access throughout
  • Outdoor space
  • Staging

Full room specifications

How to plan your child’s birthday party in a village hall

Pick a fun theme. This is the first port of call to make your life easier and focused as your food, décor and activities can all potentially fall out of the theme. This will make it easier to plan and stick to your budget. Choose a theme or topic that your little one is passionate about; that could be anything from dinosaurs, Halloween, Happy Potter, pirates, princesses, unicorns, StarWars, Pepper Pig!

Food. We have an oven and a hob in the kitchen attached to main hall so you can come ready prepared and / or rustle up a few things once you arrive. Use your theme as an anchor for your cake or toppers, any sweet treats or dinosaurs sandwiches but be mindful of E numbers and sugar and whether you want 20+ sugar-hyped little people running around! Often younger children don’t really eat that much, so pick a couple of nice things and stick to it. And remember there are likely to be children with food intolerances to consider too.

Choose a core activity. Using your theme as a reference point, you can plan our how you could keep a group of children and / or adults entertained. That could be anything from hiring in an entertainer, a book reading (FYI Julia Donaldson, author of the Grufflo lives in Steyning, incase you didn’t know!) to dedicated making activities within things like playdough, lego construction, colouring in masks, stick on tattoos. Old school classics such as pass the parcel, and musical statues are always a hit with any age group.

Decor. You can go big or small on this in the village hall – having your theme already established means you’ll probably have a certain vibe or colour palette to draw upon. If you are going all pirates and mermaids then you could keep it aquatic with choose blue, sea greens and aqua, with fish, rods etc.

Party bags. Often a necessary evil at kids parties, but you don’t have to do this – technically you’ve done enough! But if you want to do them, gone are the days of stuffing them with plastic tat. Little story books from the local charity shop, theme-based sweets or chocolates or something theme specific like a magic wand if your party theme is something like Harry Potter can all be alternative ideas.

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