Tai Chi

Key contact
Simon Robbins
T: 07825 410967
Upper Beeding & Bramber Village Hall Thai Chi Classes / Lesons

Upcoming events

Currently classes run on Friday evening and Sunday morning.

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Who’s the group suitable for?

Everybody is warmly welcome

Why join?

Not only do you get some brilliant discounts but you also get to benefit of talking to and sharing horticultural ideas and problems with people of all ages and experiences.

How much does it cost?

1 class per week £35 (£20)
2 classes £65 (£40)
Unlimited £90 (£60)

Concessions (prices in brackets)

How do I book?

Booking is via Whatsapp as numbers are strictly limited. If you would like to be part of the WhatsApp group which has updates and support materials, please let either Simon or Cher know on 07825 410967.

About Tai Chi

Whether completely new to tai chi, beginning your tai chi anew or are a seasoned and skilled practitioner this class teaches the principles of tai chi, qigong (breathwork) and neigong (meditative internal training), the first basic form that is the foundation for all further traditional study and the 24 form revised for those that know it. Curriculum studied may include core principles, forms, and weapons – a great way to gain an overview of the curriculum if you have some experience already or wanting to try new things if you are wondering which part of the curriculum to study next.

Tips for attending

  • Wear flat shoes and comfortable clothing.
  • If you are coming for a medical reason, please let us know before class so we can support you appropriately. We don’t need to know lots of details, but an overview may help.
  • During class, you are the best judge of what you should / shouldn’t do – if you need to sit down, stop, get a drink, use the loo, make notes… you don’t need permission.
  • If you miss any of your regular classes you are invited to make those up by coming to any other suitable class at any location. There’s no time limit (within reason) and you may make up classes in advance if you know that you will be away.
  • Numbers are strictly limited at the moment, of course, so masks will be required when entering and leaving buildings but, in line with current guidance, not required during class. Windows will be open, bring a jumper so as not to be cold!

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