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Rebecca Oura
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People in a yoga class - Beeding & Bramber Village Hall Hatha Yoga Classes

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Who are the Yoga classes suitable for?

This class is mostly made up of older adults, and is suitable for moderate injury and physical impairment. It is possible to use chairs and other equipment and we are slow and mindful in our movement. It is a strengthening and stretching class, taken at a gentle pace, so also ideal for those who move fast and would like to slow down.

Why join a Yoga class at the Village Hall?

There are many benefits to stretching and strengthening the body in a contemplative practice, one of them being that we can quietly reconnect with our bodies in a positive way. As we begin to age we can often feel disappointed with loss of mobility and sometimes pain. Gentle Hatha Yoga is a way to counter this – it is never too late to start. As we strengthen the body we are increasing the health and vitality of all our bodies’ systems; it is almost like a regular cleaning and clearing, rehydrating the soft tissue and strengthening the vascular system, gently squeezing and stretching every muscle and organ and strengthening around the joints. Importantly though the practice of yoga is about meditation and connecting the body-mind system, learning how to use the body and breath work to create a meditation practice. Also and most importantly this is a group session where we share a space with good humour and lightness. You are invited to arrive early for a chat.

How much does it cost?

Classes are £10 drop in for a single class, or £54 for a six class pass.

How do I book?

Contact Rebecca directly on 07939829512 or email: rebeccaoura@hotmail.comor through her website go to the classes page for booking.

People in a yoga class - Beeding & Bramber Village Hall Hatha Yoga Classes

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